Transformation Fantasies PrincessBerpl – Old Hag’s Ritual Casting Couch FullHD 1080p

It’s my 30th birthday and because I’m so giving AND cock hungry I’m running my very first Fuck A Fan Birthday raffle! Congratulations on winning! I can’t wait to devour that cock of yours. Oh and be prepared to experience some mind altering sex. I promise you whatever weird hag thing you think I might be transforming into while fucking and sucking you isn’t really happening. No, no, it’s not a curse that all women experience as soon as they turn 30. That’s just a fairy tale! Look, don’t you want to make it in the industry? Just try to relax and maybe I can make you a big star. Here, look at my ass bounce to distract yourself. Don’t look too hard though you might bust too quickly!! Don’t you want to pass the audition?? (A little side note about this video is that it’s a bit of a creative endeavor. If you want to try out having a creepy boner, I highly recommend it. Also, the dildo is noisy because it’s posable) (0:00 – 1:00 Poem, 1:00 – 3:20 Intro, Blowjob 3:20 – 10:50, Reverse cowgirl 10:50 – 13:20, Cowgirl 13:20 – 20:39)