TheRyeFilms – Alicia C Moon – The Jailer FullHD 1080p

UltraGirl has been assigned as the jailer for the criminals that took down her twin sister Patriot Girl. After roughing them up, UltraGirl lets them go crazy in their cell which is a recreation of the lab they defeated Patriot Girl in. The Government seizes the moment and uses the inmates to take care of their biggest concern, UltraGirl. Their bodies are enhanced and pumped full of GEL making them impossibly strong. During UltraGirls next visit she notices a major shift in their personalities but before she can really understand the gravity of her situation they jump all over her grabbing and pawing at her virgin super body. UltraGirl manages to break free and lands some great shots but it becomes clear that she is simply outmatched. The men brutalize UltraGirl, breaking bones and then sexually dominate the gorgeous heroine. After UltraGirl is thoroughly ravaged she is left alone with the older inmate who chloroforms her and explores her body without too much interruption.
This movie contains 2v1 beating, groping, forced orgasms, sim sex, bone crushing, crotch crushing, belly punching, Sonya/Kano style belly kick, Chloroform, multiple KO’s, and death ending.