The Battle for Earth – Arielle/Olive – Detained 1080p

Arielle has been tracking a kidnapper calling himself RB. A reporter for the local news, Arielle uses her information retrieved through investigative reporting to capture dangerous criminals. While her day job is journalism, her night gig is patrolling the city as the heroine Blue Swan. ItТs a good thing she frequently deals with the criminal element, because RB is brilliant, calculated, sociopathic and as dangerous as they come. HeТs compiling a long list of victims, all women, and managing to leave no clues. HeТs also tracking ArielleТs reporting. When he finds out sheТs Blue Swan, he knows he needs to have her for his collection. HeТs done his homework and realizes he needs an edge. He hires an inside man to procure a dangerous amount of a recently banned steroid and sets a trap to inject her. Side effects include debilitating fear and reduced strength, leveling the playing field and enabling him to literally have his way. Swan is strong and isnТt easily duped. Find out how successful RB is and what he plans to do with poor Miss Swan.