Strike – A Luciafilms Original Movie

Riley Ransom’s (Christoph) and Backup (Lu-Lewd) continue their kinetic throw down with heroine Rift (Lucy Westentra). Picking up from the alarming unconsciousness rendered by the control collar in STRIKE 2: PART 1, the villainous duo wastes no time making the most of this turn of events. As both parties fight for control of the collar, Rifts ability to contend with the pair wanes desperately. This intense entry into the Strike series marks the most viscerally sexual throw-down we’ve ever filmed alongside our trademark brutal fight-scenes. Lets hope poor Rift survives this cascade of assaults upon her heroine ethics long enough to survive! This film includes:-Desperate and visceral combat.-Stunts.-Humiliation.-Asphyxiation/Choking.-Forced Molestation/Groping.-Partial Nudity.-Slapping.-Fierce Tenacity.-Knockouts-Unconscious Molestation-Belly Punching/Kicking-Face Punching-Many Low Blows.-Squeezing-Carries-Imprisonment-Mind Control-Kicking.-Grappling.–Loads of simulated sexual content!-Begging.