Primal’s Femme Fatale Nylon Vixens Tyler Faith, Dee Williams, Alex Coal – Billionaire Breaking Bad – Episode 6 FULL EPISODE – Back To School 720p

Agent Darling Dees has gone undercover as a teacher to find the wily young sceintist Dr Bellum. At first it was thought Bellum was a victim, taken by Thomas Kruel against his will to make his twisted dreams a reality, but, it turns out Bellum is a certified mad scientist happily creating Kruel’s pheromone formula and testing it on innocent women. Bellum is a prodigy and got his 3rd Phd before most boys his age have gone to prom, so Darling thought a school would be the best place for a young genius on the run. Especially one known to have the best Science and Chemistry departments in the state. Darling’s hunch is right and she finds Bellum posing as a student and working late in the chemistry lab. She is about to bring him in when another “student” interrupts
PART TWO – Extra Credit
Bellum can’t help himself and even though Mynx warned him to stay away, he just has to use the experimental longer lasting formula on Darling. Just for research he tells himself. The formula does just what it is supposed too
PART THREE – Teacher’s Pet
Bellum is very happy with the results of his “experiment” until Darling won’t let him stop. She is too aggressive for him to get a chance to use his sleepyspray and soon she is fucking him into submission
PART FOUR – Corporal Punishment
Darling has made all the arrangements to bring Bellum in, but first some discipline is in order for him AND young misanthrope Mynx