Primal Fetish London River, Lacy Lennon – Lust and Lunacy – The Corruption of Batgirl and Wonder Woman

BATGIRL: You monster! Where is he?! BATGIRL attacks JOKER with a series of punches and kicks. JOKER is beaten back and is forced into a position laying on the floor, holding himself up with one arm. BATGIRL: (her fury rising) WHERE IS HE?!! JOKER: (laughing) Stop, stop, I submit! My men have him in that cell over there. He points past BATGIRL. She turns to look, and he readies the flower pinned to his lapel. BATGIRL: Wait, what cell? As she turns to look at him again, JOKER sprays BATGIRL in the face with green gas from his flower (this is just a visual effect, no need to actually spray anything).