Luciafilms Custom Series – Wonderous Woman in Captivity Part 3 of 3 FullHD 1080p

Wonderous Woman (Mckenzie). Hero of the ages and champion of the people continues to fight for her pride and the life of her close friend Vera (Ariana Rogue). Still in the hands of the Society of Creative Discomfort by her captor and once ally Persephone (Lucy Westenra), she continues to fight for her own survival and sanity alongside that of Vera’s. An opportunity to escape and plan a reprisal presents itself, leading to Wonderous Woman being on the lamb with Dr. Cramer hot on her heels.
Will she make her escape? Will she rescue Vera? Or will her fate be sealed within the castled walls of the Society of Creative Discomfort on their island forever more?
This film includes:
-Violation of Abductee
-Varied BDSM Scenes
-Panel Gag
-Whipping/Spanking Machine
-Contraption Peril
-Humiliation of Heroine
-Humiliation of Abductee
-Abductee Forced Sex
-Forced Exibitionism.
-Nipple Torture
-Metal Pasties
-Abductee Asphyxiation Peril
-Back and face punching.
-Double Teaming
-Hostage Situation
-Simulated Blowjob
-Stoic Heroine
-Multiple Outfits
-Multiple Sets
-Several Simulated Sex Scenes
-Chloroforming (Brief)
-Lots of Bondage