Kimberly Kane – Nerdy Scientist Get’s Alien Probed – Aliens & Monsters Impregnation Fantasy FullHD mp4 1080p

Kimberly is a top biologist recruited by the military to assist with the first contact between humans and an alien visitor. Up until now, the alien has only met members of the military and all have been men. Consequently, Kimberly will be the first civilian human female it will have encountered. She is dressed rather conservatively, business formal, lab coat and glasses. Kimberly thanks the military commanders for having this unique opportunity and assuring them that she is the “right woman for the job.” with a bright light, the alien teleports from its spaceship into the lab where Kimberly have been waiting. Shocked and excited, she introduces herself nervously. Kimberly want to appear confident, but she has never dealt with something quite like this before. The creature is very fascinated by her, maybe a little TOO fascinated, especially her female physique. As it encroaches, Kimberly attempt to explain to it the importance human females place on personal space. It steps back, but it seems to be perplexed on why there are two different sexes in the human species. Kimberly starts to explain about how humans produce offspring by sexual reproduction, but she is cut off by the alien. It wants to know the reason behind her distended chest.
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