Jude Ryan – Merida Gets Thrown to the Wolves – Big Toys, Halloween 1080p

Merida is back, and this time she wandered into the forest, got lost, laid down to rest, and woke up to the company of a pack of wolves. To escape with her life, she must outsmart three wolves…and by outsmart, I mean pleasure. Watch me as I take on three of my Bad Dragon toys (David the Werewolf, Fenrir the Wolf-Dragon, and Rex the Shepherd) and receive 3 cream pies, 2 facials, and 2 oral cream pies in my messiest video yet! I don’t know…Merida, Queen of the Wolves has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? And yes, those are bug bites…I got lost in the woods, what do you expect?! | Role Play | Cosplay | Bad Dragon | Redhead | Tattoos | Piercings | Solo Female | Curvy | Wet and Messy | Creampie | Facial | Big Toys |