Horror Emily Valentina – Succubus Possesses Your Friend FullHD 1080p

You came to visit an old friend- and she was super cute, but soon she started acting a bit… funny. BUT she seemed pretty horny, too- so, thinking with your dick as usual, you just ended up overlooking it. UNTIL you started to see and hear some strange things- and soon realized that she had become possessed by a succubus! …and that you were helpless to resist or even speak.
She rides you in several different outfits, as the succubus’s control over both of you grows- and you realize that she’s going to suck your soul right out of you, through your cock! At the last moment, after sliding your dick between her huge boobs, she rips off her bra and slides you into her mouth, as you cum and finally black out. Contains topless nudity only.