Heroine Movies – Alexis Monroe – The Parolee 3 HD mp4 720p

Linda Lee takes over as parole officer for 3 notorious criminals that have committed violent crimes against some of the most famous Heroines. She makes them all package food for the homeless as part of their rehabilitation but it is cut short by a visit from a former parolee that took down Superia!
Linda comes back to check on the parolees but 2 of them are missing. She demands to know what happened and Linda is attacked! She tries to suppress her strength to not give away her true identity but then the 3rd Parolee joins the fight and she has no choice but to use her superior strength. Linda is able to thwart their attacks but the former Parolee shows up and turns the tables! Now facing 4 opponents with almost equal strength to her own, Linda is held down and revealed as Superior Girl! She uses all her remaining strength and takes all the would be villains down and gives them a dose of super breath.
The Parolees are thrown back but retaliate with their own super breath forcing Superior Girl back! A brutal fight ensues and Superior Girl finds herself on the receiving end of a vicious beat down. Her skirt is stripped off and hands roam her powerful body. Her strength begins to waiver as one of the Parolee’s hands finds her power center. She makes a last stand and sends furious waves of punches at her foes but its too little too late. The Parolees over power the young heroine and have their way with the once mighty Superior Girl. 36 minutes.
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