Cat Woman Caught And Used – Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD

Catwoman is sneaking around house. She is then caught from behind by man. He wraps both hands around her neck from behind. Catwoman is brought to her knees as she is trying to break the man’s grip. Catwoman then deeply grunts. Catwoman immediately goes limp after the grunt. Her arms flop to her sides, her eyes still open and mouth open jaw dropped. man with his hands still wrap around her neck shakes her around bobbing her head around. Man then starts playing with her cat ears. He starts tugging pulling on them with his index fingers and thumbs dangling catwoman like a puppet from her cat ears. The man let’s go of catwoman ears and her heads flops forward. Catwoman still on her knees with her eyes still open jaw dropped. Man then takes out his erect cock grabs catwoman from the sides of her head and starts Fucking her throat. Guy then grabs both cat ears like they are pigtails and continues Fucking her mouth. Catwoman wakes up with her eyes crossed looking at guys cock as guy is having his way with her. Guy lets go of her cat ears and catwoman pulls away from the guys cock gasping for air. Catwoman says please let me go I’ll do anything. Guy wants a bj then she can go. Catwoman then suductfully crawls to man’s cock. Then squats by man’s cock her feet planted on ground hands in front of her and starts a bj. Man starts petting her playing with those cat ears too using them like pigtails to fuck her throat. Sex scene. Here are things i would like to see camera angles and poses. want the model to have eyes open instead of having eyes closed in sex scenes. also incorporate rolled eyes just like in shots 6 and 7. Finally man is about to cum. He pushes catwoman away from her forehead and tells her to look at up at him. Catwoman looks up at him seductively and say give to me I want your milk. Man cums on her face and in her mouth. Note During limp play want eyes to remain open and mouth open jaw dropped. With catwoman suit want the purple one and yes will do the quick shipping. with the costume don’t have ponytail showing want an all encased look also the tighter the better. btw last thing in my custom want pov shots incorporated in bj scenes. also pov cum shot. one last detail have guy grab cat tail while fucking catwoman from behind.