Broken Bonds A Luciafilms Original Movie starring Amy Fantasy

Veteran actress Amy Fantasy makes her debut in the Luciaverse in a big way! Prestige and Nightwind were a dynamic duo not to be trifled with. Once bitter rivals turned best friends, the pair thwarted countless villains and criminal organizations. When Nightwind turns up missing, Prestige follows his last signal to a strange workshop in an abandoned warehouse.Matters only continue to turn dire as the long missing Warden of Karsk Penitentiary (Prisoner: 042) makes his reappearance. The rumors of his involvement with the riots and the vanishing of the original Starwave prove founded, and Prestige finds herself locked in a deadly session with the insane therapist. To make matters worse, the discovery of Nightwind begins a journey down a path of brutal trials and twisted revelations.Join us on this action packed, psychological thriller!This film includes:-New character!-Brief electrocution.-Intense combat.-Belly and face punching.-Choking and cape strangling.-Forced orgasms.-Psychology and drama!-Control collars.-Beatdowns/Knockouts.-Cradle carry.-Bearhug.-Backbreaker.-Over the shoulder.-Forced molestation.-Multiple sex scenes.-Unmasking (Of the male hero. Sorry!)-Power center torture.Unhappy ending