AmateurBoxxx – Sean Lawless, Ava Eden is the Fastest Woman on Earth 4k 2160p

Ava Eden is Flash the Girl. A charismatic strong Woman that wants to save the world and be the best Superheroine in the Galaxy. Dr. Sean Lawless, an evil scientist, has built a device that can destroy the planet. He begins to brag on social media that no one can stop him, not even Flash the Girl.Unfortunately for Dr. Lawless, Flash happened to see his post and she hauled ass to his lair to challenge him. The evil Dr. is no match for her speed and she quickly defeats him in a matter of seconds. Flash the Girl normally puts the needs of others first and only thinks of herself second, but today is different. When she actually meets Face to face with Dr. Lawless she has a strange attraction to him that she can’t control. Before she even knows what she’s doing Flash quickly disrobes Dr. Lawless and starts to give him a super fast hand job.The Dr. of course doesn’t complain and tells her that it’s the best HJ he’s ever had. It gets her so excited that within seconds Flash Girl gives him super fast head. After that she has her way with him and uses him as a fuck stick. Once Flash has completely fucked and Dominated her enemy, she hand cuffs him, calls the authorities, and hauls ass out of his lair. Download to watch Ava fight crime and get Fucked.